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paintings by
Judy P. Smith

Allison's Serengeti Dream

Day 2

I have transferred the image to the wall and have begun blocking in the basic shape of things.

Day 3

Today's additions were the distant grasses, giraffes, and stripes on the smaller zebra.

Day 4

I continued working on the zebra, added the foreground grasses, flamingos and their reflections, as well a the reflection of the giraffe in the water.  The distant mountain had taken on the look of a pyramid and was shrouded in clouds to overcome this problem.  Much better.  The client had requested the pinks in the mural to coordinate with the remaining color scheme of the room - pink, white & black.

Day 5

The flamingos received a second and third coat of paint.  The third and final zebra was "stripped", and the first two were re-stripped with white for better definition.  I added grasses around the feet of the zebra.

Day 6

Today saw the addition of four koala.  Two in the tree with a mother and baby at the base of the tree.  I added additional branches to the tree as well leaves.

The portion of the tree that is on the left is on a wall that joins the mural wall at a 90-degree angle.  The overlapping of the tree gives it a little punch on a short wall.

Day 7

I completed the koala corner.  Each of the koala have their own personality.  The mom with the baby, the dad, and brother in the tree.  Additional branches were added to the tree to fill in the area of "hanging" leaves.  I also worked on the watering hole and flamingos.  Plus the giraffe's reflection in the water.

Day 8 will bring the addition of a bobcat and baby.

Day 8

The bobcat and baby were added today as well as grasses in the foreground and some additional distant trees.


Day 9

Today took a new direction.  I applied a mother kangaroo and Joey to the left side of the mural. 

I also did some text work above a closet.

Day 10

The final day of mural application.  I completed the kangaroo and joey, added additional trees in the distance, worked on the finishing touches with the grasses, added a dragonfly for the bobcat kitten to play with, and several random butterflies across the mural.

I also changed the apostrophe in the text work to a butterfly and signed the mural.

Tomorrow, I will seal the wall and be done.

Kangaroo Corner, Title Wall