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paintings by
Judy P. Smith

Allison's Serengeti Dream

9'x13' acrylic on sheetrock
Commissioned work 

I completed this mural after 75 hours of work.  The mural was designed in cooperation with the homeowner and their daughter, Allison.  Miss Allison made her wishes known and they were incorporated into the design.  In the finishing stages we added a kangaroo with a joey.  This nicely finished out the left hand side of the mural.

The name of the mural, Allison's Serengeti Dream, came about due to the variety of animals included.  Their natural habitats spans several continents and thus the idea of a dream.  

Allison's Serengeti Dream: Mural - Private Home

December 2004

Acrylic on Sheetrock

Main Mural          Koala Tree

13' x 9'               4' x 9'

Mural Title

10' x 2'

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il Matthews' Piazzao

8'x16' acrylic on sheetrock
Commissioned work 

This mural is located in the home of our neighbor the Matthews. The mural took a total of 51 hours to complete. I was thrilled to see it come together. The Matthews' family enjoyed watching the process on a daily basis. Hmmm, what has been added today.

il Matthews' Piazzao: Mural - Private Home

April 2004

  Acrylic on Sheetrock

16 x 8


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