Did You Know:  Your favorite scenic photo can become an original painting?  Contact me to find out how.  - Judy

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paintings by
Judy P. Smith

Tuscan Vines

Approx. Size 2' x 42'
Commissioned piece

Twining vines bordering the top 24" of a master bathroom.

Tuscan Vines:  Border - Private Home

Jan 2005

2' x 42'

Preliminary Sketch    Progress Shot

Fanciful Fairies

Approx. Size 30" x 16"
Commissioned piece

Two fairies frolic blowing and catching bubbles above the tub in a master bathroom.

Fanciful Fairies - Private Home

Feb 2005

30" x 16"


Close Ups:  
                            Catch             Blowing Bubbles


Five House Mural (working title)

5'x8' acrylic on sheetrock
Commissioned piece 

I have been contacted regarding doing a new mural, to be based around five homes that a couple have lived in during their married life.  This mural is to be installed in the dining room of their new home.  The sketches for this mural are in the development phase.  I'll be getting photos from the homeowner during the months of December/January.  I hope to have this mural installed during Winter 2005.

Five House Mural (working title): Mural - Private Home

Feb 2005

  Acrylic on Sheetrock

5' x 8'


Preliminary Sketch          Progress Shots

Armbruster House Mural

Approx. Size 8' x 45'
Commissioned piece

I will be doing a mural in the Armbruster House located in Blackstone, Virginia sometime during 2005.  This mural is in the very preliminary stages.  This one seems to leaning toward a railroad theme.

Armbruster House Mural Yet to be Named:
                  Mural - Private Home

2005 (Tentative Date)


8' x 45'