Issue Number 1  1/06/04:

Open House

Crossed Brush Studio held a an Open House at the home of the Matthews', showcasing il Matthews Piazzao.  Special thanks to the Matthews' for opening their home to all that came to view the completed mural.


Beginning in May 2004, I began displaying my works at the Bank of America, Harbour Pointe Branch, in Richmond, Virginia.  The branch manager and officers are all very supportive and encouraging in this endeavor.

Crossed Brush Studio Blog

May 2004: The Crossed Brush Studio Blog went online.  Join me there for this and that about what is going on.

MasterCard & VISA

As of June 2004:  You can now use your MasterCard or VISA to make purchases from Crossed Brush Studio.

Issue Number 2  11/13/04:


Crossed Brush Studio has a new look to our website also a move to a different address.  It is hoped that this change will make it easier to navigate the site and find us easier on the web.

Issue Number 3  12/17/04:


This month I completed a full mural, Allison's Serengeti Dream.  I am pleased to have completed it in 75 hours.  Be sure to see the progress shots.

Upcoming Projects

I am looking forward to January and a new mural.  My upcoming project is for a dining room.  It will be based upon five homes that the owners have lived in during their marriage.  Following that there will be a third mural installed in an 1905 home in Blackstone, VA.

Issue Number 4    01/24/05:


This month I begin work on Tuscan Vines, a grapevine border.

I have also begun preliminary work on, Five House Mural (working title).  You will be able to follow the progress here.

Upcoming Projects

My major project of the year is the Armbruster mural.  I am researching Blackstone and the railroad that ran through the town between 1905-1911.  I have done a couple of interviews with some old time residents of Blackstone.  I have also been actively photographing the town's older buildings.  I will also be attempting to schedule interviews with several other residents of Blackstone who have done previous research on the town and railroads.

Issue Number 5  05/04/05:


I donated Monet's Bridge, to the Chesterfield Historical Society for auction on November 11, 2005.

Issue Number 6    07/07/05:

Completed Mural

Today was a red letter day.  I complete Journey to Woodpecker this morning.  I am quite pleased with the result.  Be sure to check it out on the Murals 2005 page.

Issue Number 7   07/21/05:

Beginning Date for Armbruster Mural

My plans to begin the installation of the Armbruster mural have changed. I was tentatively scheduled to begin this mural in July, but due to the extreme heat conditions here it has made that impossible for now. So I am looking forward to September and some cooler temperatures to begin this large project. I will keep the site posted with further updates.

-- Judy

Issue Number 8    11/22/05:

Monet's Bridge was auctioned to benefit the Chesterfield Historical Society this month.  I am awaiting the results of the auction.