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paintings by
Judy P. Smith

Canvas Totes:

Here it was early spring and I was getting sort of bored.  I had not painted anything since before Christmas and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.  On a shopping excursion to Wal-Mart, I found these cool canvas totes/purse.  They were perfect for a quick something to do.  Bay view is based on Sinepuxtuant Bay.  Ladies On Parade was inspired by my mother-in-law, Louise Smith.  I call her lady bug and what would be more appropriate than for her to have a tote bag to match her name.  My mother was equally thrilled and I did St. Charles Memories for her based on a several email photographs of her alma mater.  

Bay View (tote-able art): Privately Held 

 360° View

Ladies On Parade (tote-able art): Privately Held

 360° View

St. Charles Memories (tote-able art): Privately Held

 360° View

MHS Lancers (tote-able art): Privately Held

 360° View