James William Kilgore Family of County Down, Ireland

James William Kilgore  

James William Kilgore [i], b. 1720, Donagheady, County Down, N Ireland; d. Sept 1781[ii], Newton Township, Cumberland, PA; m. to Elizabeth Jack [iii], b. 1727, Ardstraw, N. Ireland; d. Feb 1792, Carlisle, Newton Township, Cumberland, PA.

About 1736 James William Kilgore and Elizabeth Jack moved to Cumberland Valley taking up and in Newton Township[iv].

James William  & Elizabeth (Jack) Kilgore  had nineteen (19) children[v]:

1.       Hugh Kilgore  
Benjamin Kilgore , b. ca. 1740-42, Donagheady, County Down , N. Ireland  
Charles Kilgore , b. PA  
Joseph Kilgore , b. PA  
Patrick Kilgore , b. PA  
David Kilgore  
Mary Kilgore  
Oliver Kilgore , b. PA  
Ezekiel Kilgore , b. Apr, Newton Township , Cumberland , PA  
John Kilgore , b. PA  
Jonathan Kilgore , b. PA  
William Kilgore , b. 1733, PA  
Jesse Kilgore , b. 1751, Green Springs, Newton Township , Cumberland , PA  
Robert Kilgore , b. PA

Benjamin Kilgore  O

2.  Benjamin Kilgore , son of James William  & Elizabeth (Jack) Kilgore , b. ca. 1740-42, Donagheady, County Down, N Ireland; d. 1802, Livingston, KY; bur. 1802, Livingston, KY; m. Ann Unknown , d. 1776, Indian attack, scalped; m 2nd Caldwell Co., NC to Jane McDavid .

Benjamin moved to Spartanburg , Laurens County , South Carolina possibly from the Cumberland Valley in Newton Township . Benjamin. After the murder and scalping of his first wife, Benjamin Married Jane McDavid  and reared a large family. They came to what is now Caldwell County around 1800.

Benjamin Kilgore was a Revolutionary soldier who was among the early settlers of upper South Carolina , after the treaty of Governor Glenn  with the Cherokee Indians in 1755.

Revolutionary War Service[vi]

He served as a Captain in the Militia and was taken prisoner at Charleston on May 12, 1780. From September to December 1781, he served as a colonel[vii]. (Heitman P331 P.M. A.4270; x 148.1)

"State of South Caroline,

To Benjamin Kilgore  Dr .
"1780, May 27th. To captain's pay from March 6, 1779 to this day in Colonel Williams'
 Regiment, 96 District, having been on duty the whole of that time as horseman, 432 days @ 7 F. 1512."


"September 27th. To ditto from May 27th, 1780, when I was made a prisoner of while on duty, as above, and sent to Charleston and there kept until I made my escape returned home. I took command of the regiment this day, all my superior being killed, i.e., 124 days at 7 F. 434 Old Currency F. 1496 Sterling 278

"This is to certify that the above services was actually done by Captain Benjamin Kilgore .
By me,
Robert M. Caraig


"September 25, 1785.
South Carolina,

Laurens District.

"Personally appeared Benjamin Kilgore  before me, W. Mitchison , a Justice of the Peace of said county, and made oath as the law directs that the above account is just and true, and that he never has received anything of the same, and subscribed before me September 25th 1785. Wm. Mitchison, N.P. Benj. Kilgore  

"Received full satisfaction of the within on an interest N. 14 s."


During 1779-80 he served in the revolution as a Capt.. He was captured and sent a prisoner to Charleston.  After making his escape he learned that his superior officers had been killed so returned and took charge of the regiment as a colonel. His record is on file with the Secretary of State at Columbia, S.C.

Ordered that William Birdsong , James Greer Jr ; and Jonathan Greer  being first sworn before a magistrate to appraise in current money the estate of Benjamin Kilgore , deceased, and make report thereof to our next court.

From "The Kilgores" by Sara S Ervin . The second son of James Wm Kilgore  was Col. Benjamin Kilgore  who with Patrick  Jack  and his eight children left the vicinity of Chambersburg, Pa for Cumberland County about 1760. One of Benjamin's relatives, James Jack  was the bearer 1775 of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence to Philadelphia. Benjamin moved into N.C. and later on to S.C. where he married Anna McCreary . Col. Benjamin  and Anna  settled in Ninety-Six dist. near the Enoree River on lands granted by the King[viii].

Mills Atlas shows the location of Kilgore's Mill and at Laurens C.H. is a deed to Benjamin Kilgore .

In 1776 his wife, Anna  and her one-year-old son, James , were attacked by hostile Indians and left for dead. James survived the attack.

Benjamin  & Anna (Unknown) Kilgore  had one (1) son:

2.1.  James Kilgore , b. 1775.  In 1776 his mother, Anna  and he were attacked by hostile Indians and left for dead. James survived the attack.

Ezekiel Kilgore

9.  Ezekiel Kilgore [ix], son of James William  & Elizabeth (Jack) Kilgore , b. PA; d. Apr 1775, Newton Township, Cumberland, PA; m 1st abt. 1764 to Ann McCreary ; m 2nd to Jane McDavid .

Ezekiel  & Ann (McCreary) Kilgore  had one (1) son:

9.1.   James Kilgore , b. 29 May 1765, PA

Ezekiel  & Jane (McDavid) Kilgore  had twelve (12) children:

9.2.        James Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Jane Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Elizabeth Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Isabrell ‘Ibba’ Kilgore , b. abt. 1776, SC  
John Kilgore  
William Kilgore , b. bef. 1802, VA  
David Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Hugh Kilgore , b. 1770-1780.  
Samuel Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Polly Ann Kilgore , b. bef. 1802  
Jonathan W. Kilgore  
Benjamin Kilgore , b. bef. 1802

Among the early records of the family in America are those of John Kilgore, who came from Scotland before 1740 and settled in Kittery, Maine.

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From Egle's Notes and Queries, 3rd Series Vol 1, p 462 and Vol 11, p 159.
In the office of Secretary of State, Columbia, S.C. the following papers are on file, showing the public service rendered by Benjamin Kilgore  during the revolution. These papers were copied by Dr. B.F. Kilgore while a member of the house of Representatives, previous to 1860.  History of Spartanburg County  
Heitman P331 P.M. A.4270; x 148.1
"The Kilgores" by Sara S Ervin
Source: Jack Kilgore - Baltimore Md.   Ezekiel's Will dated 8 Jan, 1775, Proved, 3 May 1775, Will Bks, A,B,C, p. 207, Cumberland Co; Pa. Ezekial of Newton Twnshp. To his brother, David, my plantation situated in Serockdys? In Westmoreland Co. adjoining lands of David Kilgore  and John Gisewen in Mt Pleasant Twnshp. Rest of my estate divided
equally between my five brothers; John, Jonathan, Jesse, Robert & William. My Mother, Elizabeth Kilgore
, Exec. Wit; James Cannahan & Alex Vaughn