Thomas Kilgore Family of Ireland

It appears that five Kilgore brothers came from Ireland about 1763 and settled in Northwestern North Carolina .  Some writers on the family history seem to consider that they were related through the Douglas Family to Queen Victoria , however this claim has not been substantiated.  The records of the Kilgore family in America indicate that the bearers of the name have been generally a hardy, brave, daring race, keen-minded and energetic, and more interested in concrete facts than in ideas.  Though endowed in various instances with considerable intellectual ability, they have been particularly successful in the fields of law, public affairs, business and military affairs[1].

Thomas Kilgore

Thomas Kilgore , b. ca.1715, Ireland ; d. ca. 1823, Springfield , TN.  

He is found in Orange Co., NC in 1760’s.  He is later found in Robertson Co., TN.

Thomas Kilgore  had seven (7) children:

1.1.        Thomas Kilgore , b. ca. 1720
Elizabeth Kilgore , b. ca. 1728
Robert Kilgore  O, b. ca. 1735, Ireland  
Hiram Kilgore  O, b. ca. 1742, Ireland  
William Kilgore  O, b. ca. 1746, Ireland – appears that he may have gone to Georgia [2].
James Kilgore  O, b. ca. 1748, Ireland  
Charles Kilgore  O, b. Ireland

Five of the sons of Thomas Kilgore  participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780.  They were:

Hiram Kilgore  
Charles Kilgore
Robert Kilgore
William Kilgore
James Kilgore

Robert Kilgore  O

3.  Robert Kilgore , son of Thomas Kilgore , b. ca. 1735, Kilgory, County of Clare, Ireland; d. 31 Dec 1782, near Indian Creek, NC, massacred by the Mingo Indians[iii]; bur 2 Jan 1873, in the hollow of a chestnut tree near the mouth of Indian Creek, Indian Creek, NC; m. 1763, Orange Co., NC to Winney Clayton , daughter of Stephen Clayton  [b. ca. 1705, Ireland; d. ca. 1784], b. Ireland.

Robert Kilgore  appears on the 1750 Tax List in Granville Co., NC.

July 1754 - Ordered that the following grand Jurors be fined 5/ each unless they shew reasonable excuse for not appearing towit:  Cairns Tennen , David Stapler , Hugh Dobbin , John Tinnin , Robert Kilgore  and James Ray [iv]


March 1755 – Grand Jury appointed to attend the Superior Court on the fourth Tuesday in May Next towit:  John Laspie , John Rhodes , John King , William Blackwood , Joseph Barbee , Joseph Person  Grand Jurors.  Timothy Terrel , Lodiwick Clap , Samuel Donalson , Robert Kilgore , Benjamin Cade , Zachariah Cade Jr . Petty Jurors.[v]

Revolutionary War Service:

On Roster List at Lt. Moore’s  Fort, Scott Co., VA in Jun 1777

Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780

Death of Robert Kilgore

By Judy Cardwell

Robert Kilgore , husband of Winney Clayton , was killed in what is now Wise County , VA at The Pound at a place called Warrior’s Camp.  Robert and Winney lived along Clinch River in what is now Scott Co., VA, then Russell Co.  His property directly bordered that of his brother, Charles  and was also located near that of Patrick Porter  also of Orange Co., NC.  Several of the families who settled this section of Scott Co. were originally Orange Co. natives.


On December 21, 1782, James Green  and Robert Kilgore  left their hunting camp at the mouth of Indian Creek and Pound River and crossed a ridge heading toward Kentucky .  They left a man by the name of McKinney  in cap.  Two gunshots were heard by McKinney , followed by unearthly yells of the Indians.  Before McKinney could grab his gun, he saw Robert Kilgore running for his life toward the encampment, shouting, “Run McKinney, leave all, save yourself!”


McKinney didn’t wait to be told a second time.  As he reached the crest of the ridge, he looked back, to see James Green  fall, closely pursued by Mingoes.  Green sprang up, grabbed out his hunting knife, but before the Indians reached him he collapsed.  As the sun was sinking, McKinney reached Fort Blackmore .


By first light of the following day, the militia was on its way far up Stoney Creek , reaching the hunters encampment long before sunrise of January 1, 1783.  No Indians could be found, but the camp had been pillaged.  Next morning, they found the scalped remains of Robert Kilgore  and a few hundred yards away, the body of James Green , with an Indian arrowhead in his right eye.  The bodies were buried in a hollow chestnut tree on the north bank of Pound River , a short distance above the mouth of Indian Creek.

1783 – Winney Kilgore  is listed as head of household  
1871 – Winney Kilgore
 witnesses a deed.


By Luther F. Addington


NOTE: Since this article was written it has been established that Winney Clayton  Kilgore  was NOT married to Charles Kilgore , but was the wife of his brother, Robert Kilgore , killed by the Indians in 1782.


Rev. Robert Kilgore , affectionately known as Robin , married Mrs. Jane Porter Green  in 1785. She was the daughter of Patrick Porter  who lived on Fall Creek (near present Dungannon) and built a fort and a gristmill there. She was the widow of James Green  who was killed by Indians December 31, 1782[vi].


A traditional story has come down to us concerning this Indian killing, but now we know it is partially untrue. Here is the story as related in the History of Scott County: "In March 1783 Charles Kilgore , James Green , and a man by the name of McKinney left Fort Blackmore and went to the Pound River (in present Wise County) to hunt, and while there they were surprised by Indians, and Charles Kilgore, and James Green were killed. McKinney made his escape and returned to the fort. A search party led by McKinney found the bodies of Kilgore and Green, and buried them in the hollow of a large chestnut tree on the north bank of the Pound River, a short distance above the mouth of Indian Creek.[vii]"


Kilgore FortFurther proof of James Green 's death at the time cited above is an entry in the court records of Washington County, Virginia, July 15, 1783: "On motion of Patrick Porter  (James' father-in-law) administration is granted him on the estate of James Green deceased who made oath thereto and entered into and acknowledged his bond with Samuel Ritchie  and John Martin  his securities in the sum of one hundred pounds for the faithful administration of the said decedent's estate.[viii]"


But nowhere in these records do we have notice of Charles Kilgore 's having been killed by Indians. To the contrary we have explicit proof that he lived long after James Green 's massacre by the Indians. His Revolutionary War pension statement is proof of this.

"January 30, 1929

Mr. Hugh M. Addington

Nickelsville , Virginia



I advise you the Revolutionary War record of this bureau shows that Charles Kilgore  served in Captain James Dysart 's  Company in Colonel William Campbell 's Virginia Regiment during the Revolution. He was pensioned from April 28, 1809 on account of disability incurred in service.


In May 1820 he was living in Green County , Tennessee .


Winfield Scott , Commissioner[ix]."


The fact that Charles Kilgore 's name was not on the 1783 Washington County taxable list but his wife's name Winnie was (error: Winnie was married to Robert Kilgore , brother of Charles), can easily lead one to believe that Charles was actually killed by Indians immediately prior to this date: however, one must take into consideration that Charles could have been away from home and the matter of making a tax report fell to his wife. Jane Porter Green 's  name also appears on this list but this is understandable since we know her husband James had been killed by Indians.


By why was not Charles at his home on Fall Creek (near present Dungannon) to take care of the tax report of that year?


A good guess is that he was in Green County , North Carolina (now Tennessee ) for his pension statement in the archives at Washington , D. C. shows, according to a copy in the hands of this writer, that it was written near Greenville , Tennessee to suffice for a previous statement which had been destroyed by a War Department fire in 1814. According to the records he was still receiving a pension in 1820. The book "King's Mountain Men" by White, page 197 states: "Charles Kilgore  was a private under Campbell , and was wounded. In the pension list of Green County , Tennessee , in 1820, he is named as an invalid with an allowance of $48 per year."


Since the 1820 pension payment was the last one made it seems safe to assume that Charles died about that time. Some genealogists place his death in the year 1823 because in the archives of the Green County Court is a will made in the year 1822 by one Charles Kilgore . This will (examined by this writer) leaves legacies to sons John M . and James M .  which led Hugh M. Addington , author of "Charles Kilgore of King's Mountain" to conclude that Charles had married in Tennessee after his first wife's death ( Winnie Clayton ). (Error: Winnie Clayton was the wife of Robert Kilgore ).


But an examination of the book "Virginia Soldiers of the Revolution", by Burgess shows clearly that the will was made by a different Charles Kilgore . Even his name had a middle initial J. Therefore, this eliminates Washington County Charles ' second family.


But what happened to his real family? We know that Charles, Jr . the eldest son, moved from the Fall Creek area of Russell County , (formerly Washington County , later Scott County ), to Green County , Tennessee in 1787. It is logical to conclude that the father Charles, Sr , went with him or even preceded him since he didn't make a tax report in 1783, but left it to Winnie , his wife. Neither he nor Winnie is on the Virginia 1784 tax report.


So, what happened to Winnie and the 400 acre farm Charles owned on Fall Creek? Hugh M. Addington  in his book, "Charles Kilgore  of King's Mountain" says Winnie died in 1784. He does not document the statement. Where did she die? In the bounds of present Scott County ( Virginia ) or Green County , Tennessee ? From Charles, Jr.'s pension statement we learn that Charles, Jr . moved from Green County into South Carolina , thence back to Virginia . According to his pension statement he was born in Orange County , North Carolina , which means, of course, that most of Charles, Sr.' s children were born in Orange County , North Carolina . Charles, Sr. took up 400 acres of land on Fall Creek in 1773.

It seems that all of Charles , Sr. 's  children, except Charles , Jr. , remained in the bounds of present Scott County , since they are known to have married and reared families here.


Robert Kilgore  married Jane Porter Green  in 1785[x] and began to look for a place to call home for her and her son James Green  Jr , born February 12, 1783[xi].


As a girl Jane had lived in her father's forthouse called Porter's Fort, situated about a mile up from the mouth of Fall Creek, on the western side.


Therefore it is likely that Jane, having lived during her girlhood in the Porter forthouse and since her husband James Green  had been killed by Indians, insisted that her new home be a forthouse.


And that is what Robert Kilgore  did, build a forthouse. He built it near Copper Creek one and a half miles southwest of a cluster of houses, which later, with coming of James Nickels  from Tazewell County , became known as Nickelsville[xii].


This house was built in the year 1786[xiii] of hewn logs and the cracks between them chinked with limestone. In case of Indian attack the inmates could go upstairs, and let down a trap door over the stairway. Three port holes, one in the west end and one in each side, made it possible to shoot out at Indians should any ever appear.

It is said that the house was never attacked, however a band of Shawnees camped for a short while on the cliff tops to the south.


Over the years the house deteriorated. So long as a roof was kept on it the interior remained in fairly good condition, but of recent years the roof was neglected and the whole structure rapidly went to ruin. The big chimney began to slump and shatter. Then fortunately the Scott County government secured funds to restore it to its original condition.


Now we come to Rev. Robert Kilgore , the builder of the forthouse. There is a mystery about his ancestry, which came to light only recently.


In his book, "Charles Kilgore  of King's Mountain", Hugh M. Addington  placed Robert in Charles, Sr.'s list of children as number two. But Robert , Jr. , who lived in the forthouse with his father, went to Gate City upon his father's death and in the courthouse entered in the death register the following:


"Rev. Robert Kilgore , age 88, died May 29, 1854. Residence: Copper Creek, Place of Birth: unknown; Parents: Robert and Milly Kilgore. Reported by his son Robert Kilgor Jr."


This leads us to believe that Rev. Robert was not the son of Charles, Sr., as has been assumed, but instead the son of Robert, who was a brother of Charles.


This we know about the elder Robert; he acquired 41 acres of land near Clinch River in 1772 and settled on it.[xiv] (9) It was probably in the Fall Creek area where a year later his brother Charles settled.


It seems quite logical for us to believe that Robert, Jr., or may we say Robert III  who made the death entry would surely have known his grandfather's and grandmother's names. Had they been Charles and Winnie he would have said so.


The last time we find Robert the settler's name in print is on the Virginia tax report 1782. But after that he vanishes.  Could it be possible that he went with his brother Charles into North Carolina (now Tennessee)?


Rev. Robert Kilgore  of the forthouse was known far beyond his residence as a minister in the Regular Baptist church. He began his ministry at the Regular Primitive Baptist Church on Copper Creek two miles east of Nickelsville where he was one of the original members[xv]. At that time the meetings were held in dwelling houses and sometimes in the Good Intent schoolhouse.  It was here that Rev. Robin  was ordained to preach April 16, 1808[xvi].  Later he often held services at the forthouse. It was here between the dates of 1815 and 1853 that he performed wedding ceremonies for 285 couples[xvii].


And here at his beloved forthouse he died May 29, 1854. His wife Jane Porter Green  had preceded him in death by 12 years[xviii]. (14) They were buried in the Nickelsville Cemetery. An emblem on Rev. Robin's  stone shows he was a mason. In all probability he first joined the masons at a lodge held in the loft of the old gristmill on Fall Creek, for as a young man he lived in that vicinity.

Robert  & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore  had seven (7) children:

1.1.     Stephen Clayton  Kilgore , b. bet. 1760-1770, Orange Co., NC; d. bet. 1841-1845, TN; m. Rebecca Salyer , b. bet 1770-1780; d. bet. 1846-1850, TN  
Charles Kilgore  Jr . O, b. 4 Jan 1764, Orange Co., NC; d. 28 Nov 1844, Daviess Co., NC; bur. Kilgore Cemetery, SW of Raglesville, Indiana; m. ca. 1795-1828 to Avarilla Simpson , b. 28 Feb 1766, Orange Co., NC; d. 1 Jun 1857, Daviess Co., NC; bur. Kilgore Cemetery, SW of Raglesville, Indiana.  Charles Kilgore, Jr. served during the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. Cowan’s  VA Troops.  
Rev. Robert ‘Robin’ Kilgore Jr , b. ca. 1765, Orange Co., NC; d. 29 May[xix]1864, Indiana[xx]; m. Jane Porter-Green .  
Esther Kilgore , b. c. 1763; d. ca. 1833; m. c. 1783 to Lewis Green Jr . b. 5 May 1751, Virginia; d. 1835.  
William Kilgore, b. ca. 1769, Orange Co., NC; d. ca. 1857; m. Virginia Jane Osborne , b. ca. 1776; d. ca. 1851.   
Hiram Kilgore , b. ca. 1771, Orange Co., NC; d. 1 Apr 1851, Scott Co., VA[xxi]; m. Rebecca Renfro .  
Ralph Kilgore Sr . , b. ca. 1773, Orange Co., NC; d. 1849[xxii]; m. Nancy Gray .

Hiram Kilgore

4.  Hiram Kilgore, son of Thomas Kilgore, m. to Miss Unknown.

Hiram & Miss (Unknown) Kilgore  had:

4.1.  Matilda Kilgore, m. to Gottlieb Byrer

William Kilgore  O

5.  William Kilgore, son of Thomas Kilgore , b. ca. 1746, Ireland; d. 1790, Greene Co., GA; m. to Sarah Unknown .

In Jun 1753, William Kilgore  is a member of the Jury in the matter of the King vs. Robert Patterson  & wife:

The King against Robert Patterson  & his wife:  Issue of Traverse.  And the said Robert Patterson by his Attorney Comes & Defends the fource & Injury when & where &c. & saith he is not guilty of the trespass laid against him in the Inditment (sic) & of this he puts himself upon the Country wherefore let a Jury come to recognize & c.  The same day came the parties by their Attorneys whereupon came also thea Jury towit:  Giles Tillet , John Grice , Johnn West , Alexander West , Thomas Saxton , Daniel Stilwell , Joseph Boring , Henry Reynolds , William Wilson , Joseph Person , Bosswell Brashear  and William Kilgore  who being Elected tried & sworn the truth to say, on the Issue fo Traverse between our Sovereign Lord the King, and Robert Patterson and his wife upon their Oath do say that the defendants are not Guilty in Manner & form Charged against them in the bill of Inditement and on motion of the Attorney for the defendants to said Verdit (sic)is ordered to be Recorded.[xxiii]


Jun 1753 – The following Jurors being impaneled and sworn towit: 1. Giles Tillet , 2. David Steel , 3. John West, 4. Alexander West , 5. Thomas Saxton , 6. Daniel Stilwell , 7. Joseph Boring , 8. Robert Tate , 9. William Wilson , 10. Joseph Person , 11. Braswell Brashear, 12. William Kilgore , To try the Issue Joined between Samuel Benton  Plaintiff and Thomas Mathews  defendant withdrew and in a short time returned there Verdict in these words we find for the Plaintiff £2:17:4 with Costs and on motion of the Plaintiffs Attorney the Verdict Ordered to be Recorded.  Motion in arrest of Judgment made by Mr. Underhill .

Revolutionary War Service:

Fought under Colonel Elijah Clark [xxiv] [Georgia connection]  
Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780

On to Georgia[xxv]

This theory [no proof just theory] is my own based on the following information gleaned from the Internet.  It plausible that William Kilgore  may have gone onto Georgia together with his nephew Ralph Kilgore. - JPS

In 1755, William Killgore Sr , petitioned for and received 200 acres of land at the mouth of Fishing Creek, about 60 miles north of Augusta, Georgia. Where he came from, we don't know. We believe he may have come from North Carolina. Another Killgore, Ralph , arrived about the same time. We believe he and William may have been brothers. William and his wife, Sarah , eventually had seven children: Elizabeth , Hannah , Robert , John , William Jr. , Sarah , and Mary Ann . William Killgore Sr. fought in the Revolutionary War under Colonel Elijah Clark , and died in 1790 in Greene County, Georgia.

William  & Sarah (Unknown) Killgore  Sr had seven (7) children:

5.1.   William Killgore Jr . [xxvi], b. ca. 1759; d. 1812, Putnam Co., GA; m. 1791, Greene Co., GA to Anne Higginbotham; m 2nd Putnam Co., GA to Celia M. Roney .
Elizabeth Killgore[xxvii]
Hannah Killgore [xxviii]
Robert Greer Killgore [xxix], b. ca. 1794; d. 1879, Haralson Co., GA; bur. In the “family burying ground”, Haralson Co., GA; m 1st Mary “Polly” Maroney ; m 2nd 1849, Haralson Co., GA to Elizabeth Tally .  He served in the Georgia Militia in the War of 1812.  He then migrated to Haralson Co., GA.  Robert Greer Killgore fathered 21 children by his two wives.
John Killgore [xxx]
Sarah Killgore [xxxi]
Mary Ann Killgore [xxxii]

Charles Kilgore  O

7.  Charles Kilgore, son of Thomas Kilgore, b. Ireland; m. to Martha McEllhaney [xxxiii].

Will of Charles Kilgore , Sr.

Green Co., TN proved 1 Jul 1823

To wife Martha , a Negro girl Phyllis  and Sarah  
Two Negroes unreasonably held by Joseph Walker ... (names not mentioned)
To Mary Culbertson  one Negro girl Delila  
To Rebecca Sherrill (Adam)  two Negro girls Hester  and Sibelia  
To Martha Walker (Daniel)  two Negro girls Peg  and Kate  
To William Kilgore  Negro woman Nance  
To John Kilgore  my Negro boy Elisha  
To Sarah Smith Henderson (Samuel) Negro boy Allen  
To son-in-law Joseph Walker  Negro boy George  
To James Kilgore  Negro boy Jerry .

Revolutionary War Service:

Pvt. In Capt. Cowan’s  Troops of Virginia  
Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780  
On the roster list at Lt. Moore’s
 Fort, Scott Co., VA

In pension list of Greene Co., TN in 1820, Charles is listed as an invalid with an allowance of $48 a year.

Charles & Martha (Unknown) Kilgore  had six (6) children:

7.1.        Mary Kilgore , m. to Mr. Culbertson  
Rebecca Kilgore , m. to Adam Sherrill  
Martha Kilgore , m. to Joseph Walker  
William Kilgore , b. ca. 1771, Orange Co., NC; m. 1796, Greene Co., TN to Jane Henderson .
John Kilgore  
Sarah Smith Kilgore, m. to Samuel Henderson  
James Kilgore

Rev. Robert ‘Robin’ Kilgore Jr .

3.3. Rev. Robert ‘Robin’ Kilgore Jr .[xxxiv], son of Robert & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore , b. ca. 1765, Orange Co., NC; d. 29 May[xxxv]1864, Indiana[xxxvi]; m. Jane Porter-Green .

Rev. Robert “Robin” & Jane (Porter-Green) Kilgore  had eight (8) children[xxxvii]:

3.3.1.         Charles Kilgore , m. to Polly Grey  
Susan Kilgore , m. to Peter Bays  
Robert Kilgore , m. to Elizabeth Grey  
Jane Kilgore , m. to William Bays
3.3.5.         Winnie Kilgore , m. to John Broadwater  
Nancy Kilgore , m 1st to Mr. Unknown ; m 2nd to Mr. Unknown.
3.3.7.         Anna Kilgore , m. to Trig Penfelton  
Mary Kilgore , m. William Moore

Ester/Easter Kilgore

3.4.  Ester/Easter Kilgore, daughter of Robert & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore , b. c. 1763; d. ca. 1833; m. c. 1783 to Lewis Green, Jr. , son of Lewis Green, Sr. , b. 5 May 1751, Virginia; d. 1835. 

They lived in Scott Co., VA

Lewis  & Ester (Kilgore) Green  had ten (10) children:

3.4.1.         James Green , Sr.  
Elijah Green  
Mary Ruth Green , m. 15 Dec 1806, to Richard Wilson .  
William Green .  Served in the War of 1812  
Elisha Green , m. Jun 1813 to Nancy Bingham  
Sarah/Sally Green , m 1st 21 Nov 1815 to William Bingham ; m 2nd to Mr. Hendricks .  
Elizabeth Green .  
Ester Green .  
Lewis Green Jr. , m. to Letty Arnett .  
Robert Green , b. 1808, Harlan County, KY; m. to Ely Ann Drake .

William Kilgore

3.5.  William Kilgore, son of Robert & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore, b. ca. 1769, Orange Co., NC; d. ca. 1857; m. Virginia Jane Osborne , b. ca. 1776; d. ca. 1851. 

William  & Virginia Jane (Osborne) Kilgore  had ten (10) children [xxxviii]: 

3.5.1.         Hiram Kilgore  
Jimimi Kilgore  
Jane Kilgore  
Sarah Kilgore
3.5.5.         William Kilgore  
Clayton Kilgore  
Elizabeth Kilgore  
Comfort Kilgore  
Robert Kilgore  
Malinda Kilgore

Hiram Kilgore

3.6.  Hiram Kilgore, son of Robert & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore , b. ca. 1771, Orange Co., NC; d. 1 Apr 1851, Scott Co., VA[xxxix]; m. Rebecca Renfro .

Hiram & Rebecca (Renfro) Kilgore had eleven (11) children[xl]:

3.1.1.         Charles Kilgore  
Martha Kilgore  
Sallie Kilgore  
James Kilgore  
Polly Kilgore  
Rebecca Kilgore  
John Kilgore  
Stephen Kilgore  
Alice Kilgore  
Rhoda Kilgore  
Winnie Kilgore

Ralph Kilgore Sr.

3.7.  Ralph Kilgore Sr, son of Robert & Winney (Clayton) Kilgore, b. ca. 1773, Orange Co., NC; d. 1849[xli]; m. Nancy Gray .

Ralph Kilgore Sr. may have gone to Georgia[xlii]. 

Ralph  & Nancy (Gray) Kilgore  Sr. had eight (8) children[xliii]:

3.7.1.         John Kilgore  
William Kilgore  
Ralph Kilgore  
Winnie Kilgore  
Burdine Kilgore  
Robert Kilgore  
Martha Kilgore  
Kilgore Elizabeth

William Kilgore Jr.

5.1.  William Killgore Jr . [xliv], son of William  & Sarah (Unknown) Killgore  Sr, b. ca. 1759; d. 1812, Putnam Co., GA; m. 1791, Greene Co., GA to Anne Higginbotham; m 2nd Putnam Co., GA to Celia M. Roney . 

William & his wives Kilgore had six (6) children:

5.1.1.         Robert Kilgore  
Joseph Kilgore  
William Kilgore  
Samuel Kilgore  
Thursey Kilgore  
Simeon Killgore  

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